ARISTOS is a platform researching and discovering the best tools and ways to attain a lifestyle full of health, happiness, and one that is #beautifullybalanced. With a goal to getting you to live your best life, we help by updating and elevating your everyday! 

The journey and idea to build and have a platform like Aristos, and what it hope to become, started out when our founder, Ferwa, grew up reading and hearing all sorts of advice from various sources on what to do, in terms of wellness, health, and lifestyle in general.

One day, something was good for you, the next it was not.

Ferwa always believed that the way of to life was to be balanced. She still does. 

While some things should be done or consumed more, or less, than others, she always believes that extremes are never a solution, but creating a balance, with an informed mind, help achieve a calmer approach to all rounded wellness in life.

The name

Here at Aristos, we want to help everyone reach their best potential. Our name is the root word of the Greek term ‘areté’, which in itself completely describes what Aristos is all about. This philosophical term translates to ‘reaching your highest potential and your best moral virtue’ with the belief that everyone’s potential is different, as long as you are doing the best you can.

Think of pouring the same amount of water into three different shaped vessels, they all contain the same contents, the same amount, but the contents take on a different shape according to the vessel that holds it. Different just means different, not more, or less, than the other. 

We put a lot of importance into mental health and the spiritual side. We believe that the mind and soul needs a lot of #selfcare in order to create a positive and balanced mindset in our everyday approaches to situations as well as creating a stable platform, and support system, for our everyday adversities.


A few (ok, a lot of) words from our founder:

Ferwa Chevel Khalfan, Founder, Aristos

Ferwa Chevel Khalfan, Founder, Aristos

Ferwa was born in Toronto but grew up in the city she still calls home, Dubai, before moving to New York City, and eventually to Long Island (basically a#thirdculturekid) where she now lives with her husband.  

Welcome to Aristos! This platform has been a passion and dream of mine for quite a while and I am so happy to finally share this journey with all of you! I hope it serves as a long-term reference platform, as well as a lifestyle guide that helps you achieve balance of all sorts! 

I strongly believe that the way we approach our every day lives (including the importance of family and social life, the mindset we have for life, and how we go about interacting with different people) and also understanding the long term effects of what we do – to ourselves and others – can affect our community at large and bring a positive change.

I hope that Aristos helps people find answers to a lot of questions we all have in our everyday lives in order to live our best life, and over time hopefully make a wider change in humanity / community so we have better humans out there ;)  

While I will NEVER ever force my religion on anyone, I do find inspiration in a lot of it. However, the content of Aristos’ articles are holistically approached by professionals in all fields and are not intentionally promoting any religion on our audience or readers.

Islam, contrary to its reputation a lot of times, has always taught me to not take life too seriously but to also balance it outnot to indulge in wastage, to be kind, mindful of, and to, others, and to believe that everything happens for a reason. Overall it guided me to learning to have a holistic approach to life and wellness and to have #positivevibes always and an educated mind! That water vessel anecdote above, that is how Islam was explained to me, and it has also taught me to never follow blindly, which is why I use it as a part of my day to day lifestyle versus something that is a separate entity to my everyday life.

I do not claim to know everything, or be perfect, but I do want to share my journey of my findings and my research of creating a lifestyle ‘guide’, in a holistic and open-minded way, with you!

Welcome, and enjoy!

I would love to hear from you too! So please send me a note, or any questions, via our contact page.

Lots of love,

Ferwa Chevel Khalfan