A Chat with Ayurvedic Skincare Line Founder Shadoh Punnapuzha

A Chat with Ayurvedic Skincare Line Founder Shadoh Punnapuzha

[Ayurveda is] a complex system of botanical medicine that heals the body by drawing elements from nature. This science that originated in India, has existed for thousands of years and is still used today throughout the world because of its efficacy. 
— Shadoh Punnapuzha, Founder, Taïla Skincare

Ayurveda + Doshas

Ayurvedic practices focus on personalizing elements based on your dosha, which is your biological energy.

While you have all in you, “,most of the time you are likely to be dominant in 1 or 2 elements with the 3rd only comprising a minute part of your being” says Shadoh, founder of Taïla Skincare , “Your particular Dosha is the combination of the 3 elements, Pitta, Vata & Kapha.”

Why just one line of products if there are different doshas

Shadoh explains that “your constitution is what defines you and makes you unique…[although] your unique combination gets shifted daily, from your environment, your stress levels, your food etc... and can lead to an imbalance. Taila focuses on creating a line that suits everyone. It is a collection that brings your skin into balance so that your complexion works at its optimum.”


Ayurveda + The Skin

Ayurvedic principles for skincare ingredients

‘While total wellness plays a crucial part in the state of the skin, Ayurveda believes that the ingredients that you choose are very important in the functions to heal and nourish.” Shadoh highlights.

Each ingredient in nature is looked at as a whole because every seed, every root, every leaf and flower all work together to restore and repair. This is why, the extraction methods are very specific and follow particular steps in order to obtain the benefits of the botanical.
— Shadoh Punnapuzha, Founder, Taïlah Skincare

Ayurvedic ingredients are therefore able to “reach the deepest layer of the dermis and works instinctively to strengthen skin.” says Shadoh. “For example, Brahmi is a cherished antiaging herb and the plant is used in its entirety to give skin elasticity and promote cell renewal.”


Is Taïla for a specific skin type or concern?

timeless and priceless ingredients to cover an array of concerns

“We first and foremost consider sensitive skin types as my skin is very reactive and tends to get inflamed.” says Shadoh. For simplicity, because things do not need to get complicated, Taïla’s had grouped and sourced the right ingredients and formulated a short menu of items with formulas that use intuitive ingredients to address an array of concerns [anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, dry skin].” says Shadoh.

Do you have to be eating an Ayurvedic diet for Taila to work on your skin?

yes, it helps, but not necessary

“Of course, a well balanced diet will always support the health of your skin from within. However, our products are formulated with phytonutrients that feed and nourish your skin at the deepest layer” Shadoh highlights.


Ingredients to avoid when mixing other products with Taïla’s?

“Our products are rich in natural Vitamin C, as such we recommend avoiding other products that also include this ingredient because high levels may result in irritation” says Shadoh.

Shadoh -smelling flower.jpg

Taïla + What Makes It The Source for Ayurvedic Skincare

Shadoh explains “my parents are both from Kerala, India, a tropical paradise where Ayurveda is weaved into daily life. My time there was what helped me to understand the value of nature and the power it holds.

But it was my father that really built the foundation for me, his background in Botany [and] his love for Ayurveda fueled my curiosity for this ancient science.
— Shadoh, Founder, Taïla Skincare

“Growing up in NY, Ayurveda took a back seat as I climbed my way up the corporate ladder. It was not until I experienced a bout of eczema, cystic acne and hives in my early 30’s that made me turn back to my roots.” Shadoh shares.

“These ancient ingredients healed me and before I knew it.” We traveled to Kerala to establish a team of Ayurvedic doctors to leverage their expertise in creating our formulations. I place high importance on the value of closely oversee the process of sourcing ingredients and the manufacturing of the formulas, resulting in small batch productions in NYC (my hometown). And thus Taïla was born.”

Taïla unites the foundation of Ayurveda with modern day green technology to give you the best of both worlds. The regimens are simplified, performance based keeping in mind the busy modern woman. 

What are the meaning behind the names of the products?


We wanted to take the name of our products from its mother tongue, Sanskrit. Each name is inspired by the ultimate purpose of the product and what it is meant to achieve. For example, PRANA Face Oil, Prana defined as life force, this serum brings balance and essential life to your skin.

Photos courtesy of: Taïla Skincare

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