Keeping the Kitchen Counter Clutter Free

Keeping the Kitchen Counter Clutter Free

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. Regardless of size, it is very susceptible to clutter, from the counter-space, to dishes, gadgets, etcetera, etcetera. Here are some tips as well as some tried and trued ways recommended by Debra Sandler of A Life Better Organized.

Knowing what to actually [keep] on your kitchen counters, or maybe store, or not store on them at all, can help with the disorganization that leads to cluttered countertops.’
— Debra, Professional Organizer
Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

hide everything

As much you think you need an appliance, make the effort to store them away for a clearer counter top, and a clearer mind. “My first rule, whether you have a lot of counter space or minimal counter space is to leave gadgets and small  appliances in cabinets or on pantry closet shelves. Even the pretty colored ones are really not meant to be decorative fixtures. However, there is always exceptions to this rule.” reaffirms Deb.

What remains on the counter

some fun recommendations below

  • Canisters

    • For “grab and go snacks, teabags and other odds and ends.  A lot of these canisters are decorative and come in sets of 3”.

    • Make them pretty! Maintain the same type of canister, if more than one, avoid mixing and matching.

  • Dish racks and dish drying pads

    • Hand-wash items are minimal.

    • There are good looking ones out there these days.

    • If you prefer a flat surface, use a dish washing pad - you get them is washable, fast drying materials, or alternatively in silicone.

    • Even better, wipe the dishes straight away with a nice microfibre drying towel and store.

  • Paper towels

    • Another item many to choose to keep out

    • Invest in a stand that matches your kitchen decor so it easily blends in / flows with the visuals of the space.

  • Coffee makers / Percolators

    • If your coffee maker is a machine and you use it everyday keep it out. It’s kinda hard to hide these, unless you have a specific wide cabinet for appliances. If you use a French Press, you can opt to hide this.

  • Tools and cooking utensils

    • Ideally, you want to hide this in the drawers, but if this is one of the items you choose to display, keep it clean and find a nice holder to store them in, that also matches your kitchen aesthetic.

    • Deb says “even if counters are small I feel it is much easier when cooking to grab tools from a utility holder than opening a drawer. I keep my cooking utensils all together in 2 matching ceramic holders on a clear lucite tray. I keep a few of my cooking oils and salt and pepper shakers there as well.It makes it easy to have everything in reach when anyone is cooking”.

  • Basket with Fruits and Veggies

    • This can often add a touch of color or freshness / holiness to an otherwise clear, clean, minimal counter space.

    • Deb highlights “A lot of fruits and veggies can’t be refrigerated so keeping a bowl or basket on the kitchen counter does not only look pretty, but keeps them in view. And thus, more likely eaten.”

  • Cutting Boards

    • Deb says “Since these come in all shapes and sizes keeping them out on the counter or stored somewhere else is entirely up to the homeowner. If counter space is at a premium, then I would not waste precious space with one that is left out.”

    • “However, leaning against a backsplash would be an option … especially if you use it frequently” reminds Deb, and it can often add to the ‘kitchen’ visual. Pinterest is a great resource to get ideas for this, and counterspies in general.

  • Knives

    • A knife block is usually designed to stay on the counter, and can do so with great dignity. It’s contained, and barely messy.

    • for the simple, minimal cook - this set is great [also linked below]

    • Some people prefer to have a knife magnet, or a set of knives they store in the drawer too.

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

What not to store on your counters

  • Cookbooks

  • Photos

  • Teacups

  • Miscellaneous clutter

  • Gadgets

  • Dishsoap/sponges

    • This can be easily stored under the counter, or installed into the countertop

    • Sponges can be kept in a holder inside the sink

  • Collectibles/Figurines

  • Avoid dumping Mail, Receipts, Invitation

    • Dedicate a folder or drawer that you can then sort through once a week.

Always declutter your kitchen

  • Toss old containers, damaged cups/glasses

  • Giveaway mismatched pieces

  • Use risers to maximize your cabinet space.

  • Install storage onto cabinet doors if you can.

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Pro tips from Deb

“When working with clients to maximize space, I never leave my home without “command products”. By far they are the best thing since sliced bread. No really, there are so many different items and so many fun ways to utilize these products. Also, for small spaces, I always suggest to climb the wall. Meaning, using as much vertical space as possible. One way to do that is to use the wall closest to where the cooking is done and put towel racks vertically up the wall. Use these to hang cooking utensils, pot holders, small pans, small baskets for spices and anything else that doesn’t have a home in a drawer or on the counter. It’s a great way to save precious drawer space for other items and keeps counters free of clutter”.

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