How Much Radiation Comes From Your Phone (WiFi + Wireless Phones)

How Much Radiation Comes From Your Phone (WiFi + Wireless Phones)

There are always varied thoughts and concerns about phone radiation.

While further studies are still needed, there is significant enough evidence on the waves from phone radiation to be classified as a possible carcinogen (capable of causing cancer in living tissue) by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer).

What is it that causes the cancer?

Radio-frequency radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation, which is made up of two categories, ionizing, and non ionizing.

The ionizing radiation is given off by sources such as x-ray machines and the sun, and these boost cancer the risk as they can shred molecules in the body, meaning they can change molecular structures (what were are made of). These are ‘higher’ in frequency/waves.

The non-ionizing radiation, a low frequency, that cell phones, other wireless devices and microwaves, emit, has just one known biological effect: an ability to heat living tissue, by exciting its molecules. It does not have the power to remove electrons, or break bonds (changing the molecular structure), but it can still do something. The heat aspect is only what is unknown. Not trying to have you be in fear of the unknown, that would make life very stressful, and not #aristosapproved, but let’s learn what we can, to be careful and aware.


A few rat-based studies have been done in the US and Europe recently. The conclusion being that with intense exposure to the radio frequency, about the amount you would get from your phone, throughout the day (i.e. close to your skin all day), repeatedly. “10-minute increments for 9 hours a day, using 2G and 3G frequencies and modulations. Exposure levels varied, with the study’s lowest threshold is equal to the highest level currently permitted for local tissue exposure to cell phone radiation in humans” (source).

The study done by the National Toxicology Program study found that -

  • Male rats had higher incedences of malignant shwannoma (threatening tumors surrounding the nerve cells - this a rare type, but showed up in this study).

  • Female rats and newborns had lower body weights when exposed to high levels of RF during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Heart tissue damage in both gender rats were also recorded.


but what about the human application

Comparative studies in humans in Sweden were recorded through interviews about cell phone usage. Results concluded that long term and heavy use of phones (wireless and cordless) correlated with a greater risk for developing a malignant brain tumor. Glioma tumors (malignant tumors in the tissues of the nervous system) were developed, on average about 8 years from use, and 3G phones appeared to be of a higher risk. Also at a higher risk were those who started using wireless phones before the age of 20 - this might have something to do with the susceptibility to neurotoxins as a result of developing brains and thinner skulls/smaller heads.

Credit: Taylor Grote

Credit: Taylor Grote

A third study that was similar to the Swedish study but speficically with patients that had surgery to remove the shwannomas. This study showed, in the MRIs that the tumors were likely to be bigger, larger in volume, with those that used cell phones regularly (at least once a week, 20+ minutes of talk time daily), than those who used it less frequently.

Conclusion: wireless phones have the ability to affect our body, regardless of cancer - think of headaches, pain, tiredness, etc., and encourage growth of CNS (central nervous system) tumors.

wifi and 5g

Dr. Jess also highlights the problems with our demand for faster wifi networks. As seen above, 3G is more harmful, can you imagine the affects of 5G! AT&T already announced the they have to build 300,000 more antennas.

CONCLUSION | What can we do to manage this situation

All the results and reviews highlighted the there is definitely more research needed.

However, the research we already have gives us insight into the harm - it’s existence, and intensity. Our world is growing as we demand more, faster, everything, without even considering the complications. That too in a world where cancer rates and biological problems are already increasing, especially with the next generation. Our best bet is to know how to manage this

  • Use your speaker phone

  • Use headphones

  • Keep children away from EMF radiation and cell phones - their systems are still developing.

  • Distance yourself from the phones - do not keep them in clothing pockets (especially near reproductive organs).

    • Distance from wireless and bluetooth at least 10 inches.

  • Use a landline if possible.

  • Switch off wifi routers when not in use, to limit exposure

  • Sleep with your phone on airplane mode

    • This is not always possible in emergencies, or with ill family members, or something important you might need your phone on for (serious situations), so you can also..

  • Keep your phone as far as possible from where you sleep

  • Use an EMF reader to obtain readings and identify hotspots, and then avoid



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