Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

Cold weather is the perfect season for staying in doors, cuddling, ordering in, hiding and even creating a space or moment that would classify as hygge(LINK)

However, it is nice to go out, see people, go out with family, friends, on a new date, or see a visiting friend. You might already have some one to meet, socially, or for work. We ask Elizabeth Bruno, matchmaker at Three Day Rule for some good ideas.

Some good winter date ideas

Ranging from simple ideas, to fancier more dressy ideas?

  • First Date

    • “As a professional Matchmaker, I always stress to my clients that the first date can be somewhat informal as it is really an opportunity to get to know each other, enjoy yourselves, and see if a connection can be built. When planning a first date in the winter, think somewhere cozy, but comfortable for the two of you. Grab [tapas] at a great local [spot] with a fireplace.”

    • Some place that has games - this can take “away the nerves of having to fill every moment of that first date with conversation“, Elizabeth highlights.

    • Hot Chocolate / Warm Drinks - Elizabeth says "To embrace the cold vibe even more, suggest going out for a hot chocolate” or a warm coffee or tea. A fun seasonal space, if possible, is always a fun and unique idea. Perhaps something with a view.

  • other dates [interactive dates]

    • Shared experiences proven to create a strong bond and give you the chance to see each other in a new light... Plus, it’s easy to suggest continuing the date by warming up with a nice dinner afterwards if things are going well!

      • Ice skating

      • Watching a tree lighting ceremony

      • Local holiday parade”

      • Cooking / Baking Class

      • Trivia Night

  • Other winter date ideas [indoor based]

    • Casual nights at the bowling alley, shuffle board, or similar indoor sport based activity

    • Spa treatments

    • Comedy show

    • Play / performance

    • Sporting event

    • Movies

    • Museum

    • Long dinner / brunches

    • Art / ceramic class

    • Workout class followed by a healthy lunch

    • Arcade

It is important to find common ground with your partner and share experiences that you will both enjoy! With that being said, It is also exciting to try something new together and step out of your comfort zone as a couple!
— Elizabeth Bruno, Professional Matchmaker

Embracing your lounge wear and staying indoors

“When a cozy night in sounds best, there are infinite options of fun things to do right at home!” 

  • Cooking together

    • Suggesting a new cuisine and trying it together (ordering in, or even better, cooking it together)

    • “To mix things up a bit, instead of cooking together, try an Iron Chef competition where you each make a dish”

  • Cuddling up to a good movie

  • Puzzles

  • Play Cards / Board Games

  • Karaoke

  • Starting a new show / docuseries / podcast together

    • Elizabeth also highlights that this is “an easy way to engage in some intellectual debate and give you something to look forward to.”


If you need motivation to step out in the cold

Wether stepping out is voluntary or not

  • You don’t know you’ll meet

    • Socially, you could make great new connections and friends

    • Work wise, you might meet someone beneficial

    • Romantically, Michell reminds us “You never know when you are going to go on your last ‘first date’. Putting yourself out there is truly the first step.”

  • If you look good, you feel good

    • “When you look good, you feel good” reminds Michelle, also a psychology graduate

    • For both men and women, tidying up, wearing a decent outfit, with a fresh face, and combed hair should have you feeling good

      • Decent outfit could include a sweater and jeans, or a sweater dress and tights, and for men, jeans with a button down, or a smart sweater, and if needed a nice sport jacket can do the trick

        • If it’s extra cold, layer up with good thermals

  • Dress warmly

    • If you are covered and insulated from the elements, you’ll be more comfortable and not thinking about the winter feels so much

    • Think of how grateful you are to be warm, embrace the season with the right gear and don’t stop your life

    • Wingman/man or friend/family to motivate you to get out of the house

PS these are great to do with family and friends too.

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