Interiors + Home Decorating with Amazon is all about convenience. Many of us do not think of it as a go-to for home decor, but our contributing editor shows us how you can elevate your space - so easily and simply - as she set out to decorate her new apartment in NY! With Prime Day upon us, take a look at the pieces she shares that can possibly be found for a steal July 15th - 16th 2019!

Dry Brushing

Brush your teeth, brush your hair, exfoliate your face. What about your body and detox system? With your skin being the largest organ in your body, and along with your liver, being one of the detox hubs of your body, dry brushing may be able to help, not to mention getting [almost] baby soft skin.

Mexico City Guide

With its bustling art scene, vibrant food scene, and something for everyone, Mexico City is definitely one of our top city destinations, rich in culture and adventure!