Hatchlorette - The Baby Shower, Reinvented

Hatchlorette - The Baby Shower, Reinvented

Posted May 2019

I am not sure if I am the only one, but anyone else out there tired of baby showers? Another calculated event with a bunch of people - yes your loved ones - contained in a room playing cheesy, possibly fun [won’t lie, some of them are fun] games and perhaps wearing an outfit they do not want to or thought they had to wear, staring at the mother-to-be, possibly spending an hour opening gifts for the baby-to-be.

If this is your thing, absolutely nothing wrong with it, and hey there are ways to make it fun, non-traditional, and enjoyable! 100%! However, I wanted to chat about the concept of a hatchlorette!

Unconventional Celebration Of Your Pregnancy + New Chapter

The term - you won’t find it in the dictionary - is hatch + bachelorette = hatchlorette. Think of it as a time to celebrate you and the baby to be, but mostly you, and a babymoon but with your friends. The term was created by Purewow writer Laura Lane, and we’re all for it!

We do live in a society that is obsessed with labeling and branding things, a push present, a babymoon, all things that were possibly done sentimentally in the previous generation, but that now have a solid label - nothing wrong with that - but something we might get caught up in.

A hatchlorette weekend can be perfect for spending time with your friends before your new addition joins you in and you have fewer hours for girl time alone.

Photo by and property of  Hatch Collection

Photo by and property of Hatch Collection

Ideas For The Ultimate Hatchlorette

Renting an airbnb with a view + a chef

Renting a house in a serene and beautiful location to enjoy each other’s company, maybe an evening of cooking together, playing games, laughing over good memories, maybe some pool time in the sun if the weather permits, and perhaps a personal chef/butler for the weekend, sounds like the ultimate bonding moment and downtime with your favorite girls.

Some places that come to mind:

USA + Latin America

Malibu, Miami, Tuscon/Pheonix, Los Angeles, Cancun [watch out for Zyka], Hawaii, The Hamptons, Kingston [anywhere along the Hudson Valley, NY].

Europe + Asia

Ibiza or Marbella [off season], coastal parts of Italy, Paris, Portugal, Bodrum, Dubai, South of France, Maldives, Tbilisi.

Australia + nearby

Byron Bay, Hamilton Island, Fiji, Port Douglas, North Island of New Zealand.

a spa weekend/day

A day of being pampered - whether you choose to go away - or have a simple at home service - everyone, especially the mother-to-be, will love putting their feet up for the day.

A night in

A good ‘ol night in with comfort food, good company, maybe a movie is a classic way to further bond and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

a day out

A fun, yet light day, filled with some light outdoor activities, which can range from taking a nice little drive to leisurely biking or light hiking, and then enjoying a rooftop or beautiful outdoor space.


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