HEAL Documentary Review

HEAL Documentary Review

We have often focused on how we can live better by eating better. Of course, we are what we eat! Like most things though, health is simple, yet multi-dimensional.

HEAL is a great watch that brings insight into the power of the mind and its importance. With conversations with different patients, and with multiple leaders and professionals to get their insight, all of which together explain the different facets of why, and how, the power of the mind is very real, totally essential for living well, and it’s effects.

At Aristos we promote a balanced lifestyle and do not think extremes are every the way. We believe in modern and western medicine, but with a functional and holistic approach, we believe that holistic and natural, non invasive remedies are the preferred and first route that individuals can take. Mental health is also very important in one’s overall health, but when western medicine needs to be used, it definitely has its place. On that note, with lots of critics out there about the documentary, we would like to say that watching a documentary doesn’t mean that the viewer is converting to that practice, its not so black and white, it is more about highlighting a certain aspect and knowing about its power. On THAT note, here are the takeaways on our end from this documentary…

With many instances of learning about health, some of the information out there is new, some of it we already know, but need a reminder on, or, a more in-depth review on.

Photo: Nik Shuliahin

Photo: Nik Shuliahin

Things that HEAL brings light to, which I thought was fascinating (some spoilers below, but not a replacement for watching the full thing):

  • Elizabeth, one of the patients interviewed, expresses her focus on yoga, healthy living, eating a mostly vegetarian diet, etc., but still being diagnosed with cancer. Mentally, her life had two major negative events which affected her greatly (mother being sick and passing away + an ugly divorce). While her family encourages her to go for chemo, she reluctantly does, but also takes her daily dose of wheatgrass, and sees a therapist/healer to work through her emotions. In the end, her results are incredible!

  • The above is interesting as many of us think we’re all set for a pretty decent life with our workout schedule, and balanced-but-mostly-healthy food consumption. Don’t forget your mindset, your happiness, your mental health!

  • Another interviewee, Dr. Joe talks about how he literally healed his spine - after being thrown off a bike when a car hit him - and realigned it so that he did not need surgery, or potentially be immobile for the rest of his life, with just his determination, attitude, and his mind. His firm belief that the body is intelligent and can heal itself was his biggest motivator, and commitment.

  • We've always known about the placebo effect. We always thought of it as something that happens in trials. Taking this concept and really thinking about its power, can have so much impact on our daily lives.

    • On the other side, HEAL has also shed light on the effects of ‘nocebo’, meaning when we have a negative mindset going into a treatment process, or when diagnosed with an illness.

  • The world is full of energies and vibrations - scientifically speaking - so of course, every energy you put out there has a domino effect.

  • Countless other recounts that explain the how, why, of their healing journeys, the science behind it, etc. Such as Dr. Moorjani who quite literally came back from her death bed, tumor-free, after suffering from cancer and saying goodbye to her family, because she had a profound [healing] moment, healing her troubles with her father that had build up over years (Dr. M also has a great podcast feature on this with the Goop podcast).

Takeaways from the documentary

  • Your body is intelligent.

  • Your body has the capability to heal.

  • The power of the mind is very strong and real.

  • Your body, life, and health is multifaceted; mind, body, soul.

  • Your health and life encompass having a healthy body (food, exercise) and mind (mental health, attitude).

  • Your mindset has an effect on you and your surroundings.

  • Your mindset and attitude when dealing with a disease can significantly affect your healing process.

  • Your mental and emotional situation can show up in your physical health, in the form of chronic diseases, skin problems, etc.

    • Treating this can often help what may be the root problem to a disorder/disease.

Cover Photo: Jernej-Graj

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