How to [Re]Pot A House Plant

How to [Re]Pot A House Plant

Whether you live in a city and fill your apartment with greenery or have a yard and fill your home with the great outdoors, plants are the one thing that bring joy to many. Be it is small Pilea or a larger-than-life Palm, there is nothing better than adding some botanical magic into your home. Just got a new plant baby? Worry not, we put together a little how-to below, to help you pot your first (of many) plants.  

Graphic by: Rassi Graphics

Graphic by: Rassi Graphics

What You Need:

  • New Pot

    • Pick a pot that has drainage holes and one that is slightly larger than your plant. This will ensure that the roots have space to grow, and will not develop root rot. 

  • Trowel

    • A trowel is like a mini spade or shovel which helps when scooping soil into your plants and setting it.  

  • Scissors

    • You may need to trim off any dead leaves or stems so keep a pair of gardening scissors nearby.

  • Gloves

    • Some people don’t like wearing gloves, but using them will keep the dirt out from under your nails. 

  • Potting Mix

    • Get a bag of organic potting mix to fill the space around your plant in your new pot. This will also aid in growing a healthy plant as the potting mix has nutrients and essential vitamins for plant and root health. 


find a space to work on repotting

Once you have found your optimal space for your new plant, it’s time to start potting.

work the roots + soil

First things first, in the new planter add a layer of potting soil at the bottom and a layer around the sides.

Gently turn the new plant upside down so your plant slides out. Check for any dead roots or leaves before placing the plant in the new soil and planter. You may notice that even though you added some soil, you either need to add some more to the bottom so the top of the plant is flush with the rim, or you need to press in some more around the sides.

Use the trowel to scoop bits of soil into the new planter and use your hands to push the soil down, pressing gently. 

 finishing touches

Once you have filled it to the top and the plant is nice and even, clean the pot with a wet cloth, water your plant a little and place in the prime spot. Keep in mind that if you have bought a high light plant you will need to make sure it, in fact, gets all the light it needs. With mid and low light plants, you want to make sure that there is plenty of air where you place them as even though they don’t need much light, they still need a well-ventilated room or space. 

Go forth friends, and enjoy being plant parents! 


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