Special Occasion Restaurants In New York | Fancy

Special Occasion Restaurants In New York | Fancy

A special occasion calls for a special meal. In one of the greatest cities in the world [note, I said in one of the best, #notbiased] there are so many culinary experiences and dinners to choose from, not to mention that casual and special can sometimes be blurry line in this happening city! We have gathered a list of special occasion restaurants that are a little more on the fancier side, for you below! Be sure to check for reservation in advance for most of these and most will accommodate dietary restriction but need at least 24 hours advance notice.

A more casual special occasion list is coming up soon too! Decided to split the list because there’s just so many options, and more so because special occasions can equally be celebrated at a cute romantic style restaurant or at a larger, fancier, perhaps even Michelin star experience spot!

In no particular order:


classic italian with a celebration of old school NYC

Takes reservations up to a month in advance at 9AM by email, and alternatively through the Reserve app link on their site. Books up very fast, but a weekday meal, or late night meal at around 10:30 is likely of you’re late to the reservation race. Appetizers and the infamous rigatoni will not disappoint.

Indian Accent

progressive indian with nostalgic flavors

The tasting menu is a great option, but a la carte will also let you enjoy the creative dishes made of nostalgic, authentic Indian flavors, presented in a gourmet and progressive manner. This restaurant celebrates its take on Indian Cuisine in London and New Delhi as well.


hidden restaurant with a tasting menu in the chef’s kitchen

A unique experience - a secret, speakeasy restaurant - dining behind [literally a door that leads to the back of] another one of New York’s celebrated locations, Roberta’s, but more known for its real, rustic, and raw Brooklyn vibe. Allergies cannot be accommodated for but their email line is easy communication with their team.

Blue Hill at Stone barns

modern celebration of farm to table, 1 hour outside of NYC

A tasting menu, seasonal, and celebrating the bounties of the farms’ produce, you will never ever associate the words healthy, local, seasonal, or vegetables as boring any more. A romantic or special private room is also available for a couple or small group of up to 14 overlooking the herb garden!


italian comfort food with a dash of contemporary in brooklyn

Missy, a celebrated chef, brings fancy-meets-casual with this Italian, warm, but very New York/Brooklyn space that celebrates the comfort of Italian food. Reservations need to be made way in advance, and as soon as you can [only up to a month before said date]. Dare we say… it seems harder to get a table for two at this spot than at Carbone!


michelin experience celebration seasonal ingredients

With an ambitious menu, this highly accomplished restaurant serves up a bright menu highlighting very interesting local and seasonal ingredients.


for insight into nordic cuisine

If you want to try something perhaps a little different, a formal restaurant with hints of a casual bistro, this Michelin restaurant serves up Scandinavian inspired cuisine, one with 500-year old roots, featuring seafood, vegetables and artisanal cheeses, plated as tastefully and artfully as Stockholm’s design forward and trendy city.

One if by land, two if by sea

known as new york’s most romantic restaurant

Tucked away in the charming West Village, this historic land-marked carriage house built in 1767, is now the setting of a classic, charming, and delightful restaurant serving up American cuisine in the most enjoyable way. Definitely one for the bucket list with a loved one - wether a significant other, or a close friend/family member. Getting a reservation on a summer evening for a dinner when the sunlight is still out helps enjoy the greenery that peaks through the restaurant windows, but a classic night time [dark outside] reservation is classically ambient as well!


Jean-georges’ first baby celebrating french culture in nyc

Infamous chef Jean-Georges is well respected all over the world, and especially in NYC which numerous spots around the city. This location however was his first restaurant, among the classy and quaint streets of the Upper East Side, the townhouse has been renovated since, and offers a casual yet refined and elegant space with organic and local food with a menu that never fails to please the palette.


fine dining restaurant, an NYC favorite, in a neo classical + luxe space

With decades in New York City, Daniel stands out among the bustling dining scene of New York. Known for their amazing menu, inspired by European cuisine, French technique and cuisine in specific, and their amazing service, Daniel remains as one of the city’s top choices for a classic, formal dinner with a menu and pastry menu designed and made by world renown chefs.

Eleven madison park

among of the world’s top restaurants

You will definitely find a Netflix feature on two on this space. EMP is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of New York City, right between uptown and downtown in Flatiron, among some of New York’s prime property surrounding the beautiful Madison Square Park [not to be mixed up with Madison Square Garden - VERY different]. Sitting at the base of a historic Art Deco building the restaurant celebrates food and experience offering an eight to ten course menu in the main dining room, but also a more abbreviated tasting menu or light snacks at the bar.

sushi nakazawa

high end omakase experience

This restaurant may look small and simple from the outside, but that is because you sit along the chef’s counter as they freshly prepare 20 pieces of sushi, aka 20 course meal, aka omakase. Completely based on that morning’s catch, the raw and fresh seafood based meal is completely one of a kind!


another NYC go to

While this Jean-Georges spot is not reserved for only special occasions, a long standing piece in NYC’s restaurant line up, ABC kitchen is still difficult to get a table at. The food and ambiance, every so chic and comforting, this elegant meets rustic set up celebrates New American cuisine sourcing local and organic ingredients.

Photos from their respective restaurants’ websites, unless otherwise mentioned.

Cover photo Yaroslav Danylchenko



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