The One Minute / Hour Rule

The One Minute / Hour Rule

You most likely have said “Oh I was going to do that!” , “I’ve been meaning to do that” or “I was going to do/fix/move/cancel/schedule/book/buy/clean that, but….” We are all guilty of this! This, is life! There are some tasks that just seem to get from one to do list to the next, slip through the cracks and therefore haunt us through the weeks.

Positive side of all this is, we have things going on in our lives - better than being idle!

In organizing one’s multifaceted life - this is not in reference to being spread too thin, but just simply having tasks that need to be done! - the one minute rule is great at upping your efficiency level.

The Happiness Project discusses this, and Helena’s blog has a great post about this

What is it + how does it work?

You might have heard of it, you might not have. If you have not, then the concept entails writing down a list of things that needs to get done. Essentially, a master list. This can be anywhere from odd jobs around your home, to researching something, sorting out the mail, processing pending returns, all the tasks that get sidelined (and more).

Then tackling the list with every odd minute you have, and/or dedicating a minute or five, everyday for these tasks This is great to fit in in-between any other two larger tasks, usually when you cannot be doing any other work or errands.

E.g. sorting out pending mail, submitting a form, replying to simple emails, processing a return, fixing a light bulb, paying a parking ticket, canceling a subscription, etc.

what about the bigger tasks?

The leveling up of this rule and concept, is taking it further for the tasks that require more time. A great way to tackle this is one hour rule. Spend one hour every week, or every few days, perhaps in the AM or PM when you, or you and your spouse/family member/roommate, can tackle larger tasks. This might be fixing something larger around the home, booking a trip, going through legal documents, making a phone call, helping someone with something, it might even be self-care!

Use this concept for your mental well being and get things done! From your tasks, to self-care moments, meditation, helping family, keeping in touch with loved ones, whatever it might be, this rule will help!


All photos: STIL on Unsplash

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