Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

We round up some kitchen basics based off of an experienced chef’s recommendation that any kitchen should have regardless of skill level, frequency of cooking, or level of interest in the kitchen. (Seriously, these can be display pieces or just-in-case options if you really are not that interested ;) )


Kasey Rzepecki, a culinary graduate, passionate about the industry, and having worked in the event, restaurant, kitchen, and now management, sides of the industries, has insight into different situations and was able to narrow down 10 things that are a go to for almost every kitchen.

Kasey currently serves as the F&B Manager at the co-working space The Wing in San Francisco.

1. A good apron!

My favorite is made by a company, Hedley and Bennet. They are so cute and functional, and honestly, if I am ever having company over, I [end up leaving] it on all night.

2. A wooden spoon

These are timeless! I still have one that my grandmother used to use when my dad was growing up. I use one pretty much at some point during the process of anything I am making at home! 

3. Tongs

This is an item that I love at work and at home! But after working in commercial kitchens, I have found that I don't like the tongs usually found in home goods shops. I always end up going to commercial kitchen equipment stores (my version of paradise) and by the plain ol' metal ones.

4. Le Creuset dutch oven

Probably the best piece of cookware I have ever owned. It's is seriously a piece of cookware that can do it all! Plus it looks great at home decorating my stove top :)

5. Mircroplane

If you have never owned one, go out and get one- use it, and you will immediately understand why this makes my list.

6. Japanese Mandolin

This is a kitchen tool that I was introduced to working in professional kitchens. It is food slicer that can thinly slice vegetables- even julienne them! This is my go to house warming gift for my friends! It is fantastic! But I advise against the ones that are sold in home goods stores that come with a bunch of guards and pedestals for "ease of slicing"... I find that it just makes it more wonky to use. The Japanese Mandolin is sleek, fits in a drawer easily- no muss, no fuss. But be careful because they are sharp!!

7. A large serrated knife for cutting crusty bread.

I love this knife and well because they are also great for easily slicing tomatoes!

8. Instant Pot

I just got one for Christmas and I think I have cooked every meal at home since the new year using it! I am still experimenting with all the different settings, I am really intrigued about the "yogurt" setting- you can make yogurt and chili with this gadget!

9. Metal mixing bowls from Ikea

They come in 2 sizes. I love the large one, but my fave is the smaller one. It is the perfect size for when I order in pho :)

10. Wood cutting board

I have plastic ones as well for raw meat but a nice, thick, heavy cutting board is absolutely life changing!

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