Weed Killer, Glyphosate, In Your + Your Kids' Breakfast, Coffee + Dessert

Weed Killer, Glyphosate, In Your + Your Kids' Breakfast, Coffee + Dessert

Published April 2019

Oats are great for you:

  • Healthy

  • High in Beta-Glucan [fibre, gut health, reduces blood sugar + bad cholesterol].

  • Acta as a prebiotic.

  • Pair well with toppings [berries, honey, etc.].

  • Make for a great breakfast or smoothie bowl addition.


If you haven’t heard, this is important information! RoundUp, a weed killer / herbicide, created by Monsanto, an agriculture company creating crop seeds and other products - now owned by Bayer - is used pretty much all over the world! PS. It is heavily marketed.

What is going on?

  • This weed killer is sprayed everywhere.

  • Because of its heavy marketing it is now used to a point where it is on most items we buy, the waterways, etc. etc.

The ingredient glyphosate in it has been labeled a possible human carcinogen by the IARC and the World Health Organization. While the IARC’s testing methods have been scrutinized in the past (imagine all the corporate companies growing wheat and such would have a conflict of interest!), their conclusion, while admitting needing further evidence, was come to based on tests on human, animals, lab cells.

Photo: Gina Lombardo Media, Rings: Aaryah Jewelry

Photo: Gina Lombardo Media, Rings: Aaryah Jewelry

What’s the problem? Why is it bad?

The ingredient in RoundUp, glyphosate:

  • Probable Carcinogenic [cancer causing].

    • Also been linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma [a type of cancer that affects your white blood cells].

  • Creates anti-biotic resistance.

  • Hormone Disruptor, therefore

  • Disrupts the Endocrine System.

The EWG is a reliable source, and has tested samples of cereals and oats. They found that some brands had several times more of the amount considered ‘safe’ in the samples! more below.

How is it used

While RoundUp is used as a herbicide (keep in mind that GMO corn and soy is modified to withstand the herbicide, aka they can just spray it liberally over crops), it is also sprayed on wheat, barley, oats and beans that are not GMO. This is done so that the crops die and be harvested earlier - versus letting it die naturally.

What products is it found in?

Granola [with high levels]

  • Quaker Simply Granola Oats, Honey & Almonds

  • Back to Nature Classic Granola (2/3 samples had low levels)

  • Quaker Simply Granola Oats, Honey, Raisins & Almonds

  • Back to Nature Banana Walnut Granola Clusters

  • Nature Valley Granola Protein Oats 'n Honey

  • KIND Vanilla, Blueberry Clusters with Flax Seeds

instant oats [with high levels]

  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Cinnamon & Spice

  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Apples & Cinnamon

  • Quaker Real Medleys Super Grains Banana Walnut, Instant Oats

  • Giant Instant Oatmeal, Original Flavor

  • Quaker Dinosaur Eggs, Brown Sugar, Instant Oatmeal

  • Great Value Original Instant Oatmeal

  • Umpqua Oats, Maple Pecan

  • Market Pantry Instant Oatmeal, Strawberries & Cream

Overnight Oats [with high levels]

  • Quaker Overnight Oats Raisin Walnut & Honey Heaven

  • Quaker Overnight Oats Unsweetened with Chia Seeds

Oat based breakfast cereal [with high levels]

  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares Brown Sugar

  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares Honey Nut

  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

  • Very Berry Cheerios 

  • Chocolate Cheerios

  • Frosted Cheerios

  • Fruity Cheerios

  • Honey Nut Cheerios

  • Cheerios Oat Crunch Cinnamon

  • Quaker Chewy S’mores

  • Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal

  • Lucky Charms Frosted Toasted Oat Cereal with Marshmallows (Marshmallows removed for testing)

  • Barbara's Multigrain Spoonfuls, Original, Cereal

  • Kellogg’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran Oat Cereal

Snack bar [with high levels]

  • Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

  • Quaker Breakfast Squares Soft Baked Bars Peanut Butter

  • Quaker Breakfast Flats  Crispy Snack Bars Cranberry Almond

  • KIND Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut (had lower levels)

  • Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Oats 'n Honey

  • Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip granola bar (samples tested just at the level considered safe)

  • Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Soft Baked Breakfast Bars, Strawberry (had lower levels)

Whole Oats [with high levels]

  • Quaker Steel Cut Oats

  • Quaker Old Fashioned Oats

  • Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats (1/2 samples had a high level, while the other had none)

Apart from the fact that a lot of these products are relatively unhealthy and high in sugar if you are consuming this, especially kids (!), you want to be careful and opt for alternative options instead! better options listed more below.

Also be mindful that oat milk, oat flour, and other oat based products could be also affected by the above.

How to Deal?

  • Buy Organic as much as possible.

  • Avoid Quaker + General Mills, they have insanely high amounts.

    • Even organic versions can get cross contamination.

  • Buy the brands/versions listed below.

  • Spread the word, and let you local grounds and gardeners know not to use RoundUp.

  • In case this was not obvious, do NOT buy or use RoundUp.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

What about organic?

Many organic versions were detected clean, or very low levels (due to cross contamination).

For this very reason, Nature Path has taken the responsibility of not contaminating the environment, organic farms, or the crops, but purchasing 5,500 acres of pristine farmland to safeguard their own organic oat production.

Which brands/versions to stick to

  • 365 Organic Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats, none detected

  • Nature's Path Organic Old Fashioned Organic Oats, very low levels

  • Whole Foods Bulk Bin conventional rolled oats, very low levels

  • Bob's Red Mill Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, some samples had none or very low levels

  • Cascadian Farm Organic Harvest Berry, granola bar, none detected

  • Kashi Heart to Heart Organic Honey Toasted cereal, none detected

  • Simple Truth Organic Instant Oatmeal, Original, none detected

  • Nature's Path Organic Honey Almond granola, none detected

What about oat milk?

Photo: Gina Lombardo, Earrings: Alexis Bittar, Midi Ring: Aaryah Jewelry

Photo: Gina Lombardo, Earrings: Alexis Bittar, Midi Ring: Aaryah Jewelry

  • Stick to Organic Oats in the ingredient list of the milks

  • Thrive Market Oat Milk

  • Oataly, (Glyphosate Residue Free certified)

  • Make your own at home

    • 1 cup of organic rolled oats (soaked for an hour and rinsed) to 3-4 cups of filtered water, blended for a bit, strained (cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer. Up to 4 days in the fridge. Use dates, vanilla, maple syrup to sweeten.

Famous food investigator The Food Babe cites: “Oatly is one brand that isn’t organic, but carries the Glyphosate Residue Free certification by The Detox Project. If you buy the Oatly brand, just make sure to pick up what they call the “low fat” version, because Oatly’s regular oat milk contains added rapeseed (canola) oil and other unnecessary additives. I normally wouldn’t recommend a product labeled as “low fat”, but in this case it simply means they didn’t add unhealthy oil to it.”

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